Episode 002: Is your medical data safe?

Valita Fredland, VP at IHIE
With Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook data breach in the news, my conversation with Valita Fredland could not be more timely. Is it possible to keep our health information safe? It is if Valita has anything to say about it. And as you will see, she has plenty to say about data privacy.

Valita Fredland - VP, General Counsel, and Privacy Officer for the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE). Mother, wife, athlete, and passionate advocate for ethical data privacy. Today we talk about how Valita ended up as a leading influencer in the ethical responsibility of Big Data. She describes how she adapted the well-known medical ethical framework to an ethical framework for managing health data - or any personal data.

As parents of daughters, we have a great chat about the importance of raising girls to be strong leaders. And how to even the playing field so their hard work is as effective and as recognized as anyone else's.

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