Episode 001: How Make a Difference for Others

Kristin Jones, CEO of IHIF
Kristin Jones is the President and CEO of the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF). Kristin knows what is going on in Life Sciences in Indiana. If you need a job, Kirstin can tell you who you should talk to. If you need seed money or venture capital, Kristin will tell you who just got funding for a similar project. In this first episode, we could not have asked for a more delightful guest. Kristin is engaging and energetic. Her passion for Life Sciences in Indiana is infectious.

Go to www.ihif.org to learn more about IHIF and Kristin Jones.

Your Next Move

How will you respond to your current condition? What is holding back your team or company? How could one minor change make a difference? We would love to discuss your next move. Please contact us.

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