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What Effect Will You Cause?

Have you ever thought about who the people are behind life-saving breakthroughs? How did they get started in their careers? Why did they choose the Life Sciences? What effect do they hope to cause?

These are the questions we explore on The Life Science Effect. Gain insights straight from thought leaders, entrepreneurial game-changers, and business executives leading the Life Sciences. Host Steve Vinson explores what it really takes to be effective in this industry as a leader and innovator with a special focus on what’s happening here, in the Heartland.

We aim to inspire, equip, and empower the next generation of Life Science experts through purpose-driven conversations. Join us weekly as we talk about what happens behind the science and get to know the people who make it happen.


Want an introduction? Below is "Episode 000: Why The Life Science Effect?"

Steve Vinson of The Life Science Effect
After recording a dozen takes of me reading from a script, my...

Your Next Move

How will you respond to your current condition? What is holding back your team or company? How could one minor change make a difference? We would love to discuss your next move. Please contact us.

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